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This special collection is made from 100% softest undyed baby alpaca. Each skein is handspun in small batches by one of the artisans from Tolconi, Peru.


Exclusively for christmas you can get a pack with  6 wool balls (100gr) in color PACO to fulfill your knitting dream. The pack is available for needle size 4mm / US 6,  6mm / US 10, 8mm / US 11.


So that you also know what to expect when you decide to use this wool, here are all the technical data on the wool: 

  • Chunky: 100 g skein; NM 2/2; 50m 
  • Medium:100g, N/M 3/2;  150 m
  • Light: 100g , N/M 5/2; 200m 
  • Color: PACO


*Please note that our yarn is spun by hand and the amount of meters in a skein is not measured. This means that the yarn thickness and thus the amount of running meters are determined and estimated by the artisans in Tolconi. We can therefore not guarantee 100% that there are the stated amount of meters in a skein of Illariy yarn. The handspinning might result in different thicknesses from skein to skein.

100% BABYALPACA, Pack of 6 handspun skeins

  • If you are in Peru, don't forget that you will need to add 18% IGV (Value Added Tax) to your invoice. Thank you for supporting us, artisan women who are working towards changing fashion in a sustainable way!

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