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Benefits of alpaca fiber

Do you know what the benefits of alpaca fiber are?

Today we tell you some benefits and advantages of this beautiful fiber from Perú.

Important benefits:

  • Has more than 22 natural colors (from black, gray, brown and white variations).

  • Strong and resistant fiber, has good elasticity.

  • Contains microscopics airbags that make it possible to create lightweight and thermal garments.

  • Is three times stronger thant sheep fiber and seven times hotter than this.

  • Is hypoallergenic, doesn't contain oil or lanolin, itches less.

  • Is breathable, absorbs moisture and has lasting strength.

  • Alpaca garments don't break, peel or deform, they are easily washable.

  • It is soft and delicate to the touch due to the cellular structure of the alpaca fiber that produces a soft touch different from others fibers.

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