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Our story and values


Threads for Dreams – started in 2017

with the community of Tolconi, Arequipa in Peru, with the aim of contributing to the wellbeing of the alpaqueras families.


Threads for Dreams

Threads for Dreams – commits to the phenomenal range of natural colors of alpaca by working only with undyed natural fibre. We promote a transparent short value chain where from raising the alpaca, to shearing, classifying and spinning every step is completed by the same woman, thus every thread is unique, telling a women’s story.


Threads for Dreams believes in giving opportunities to highly-skilled women artisans from isolated Andean communities, who knit with one of the most ancient and most appreciated soft fiber, linking them to specific markets. Based on ancestral knowledge and the revolutionary act of not adding anything to the fibre, an innovative approach of products "with history" has being developed.

Our values


Empowerment of women 

Training on product development,

valor-adding activities etc. SDG 5


Fair and short value chain

Premium price for colored fibred, reducing intermediaries & paying fair wage SDG 12


Conservation of biodiversity

Support on sustainable management of camelids to recover genetic resources of alpacas and their diversity of natural colores SDG 15

Worldwide wholesale

If you are interested in stocking our Threads for Dreams yarn at your local shop or look for costumized hand-knitted products for your brand, we work with stockists worldwide to bring our work to your local community. Please contact

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